Growing up is optional…

I am in the process of ‘looking back’ – a fun thing to do! This time it’s to my childhood books, after all, growing up is optional! What did you read as a child – when you were growing up? Some of my early favourites got a peek in My Reading and Writing Life. This time I take a take a step or two a few years down the track to when I was reading children’s books as an adult. Why

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Writing the Dream – 24 inspiring stories

Writing comes easy – said no one ever! So what works for you? Writing the Dream,  a Serenity Press Anthology is an inspiring collection of 24 authors One dream 24 inspiring stories and 120 writing tips Words of encouragement from one of the contributors who signed my edition at the launch. Here are 5 random tips, some from the 120 – Write every day Join a writing community Take risks Try different genres Read widely I enjoyed reading 24 wonderful

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