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Why it’s important to write every day

Well, I’ve read and heard that ‘writers should write every day’ so many times I figured I needed to start. After a lot of deliberation about the truth or otherwise of the statement I took the stumbling word out and began. “Should” is one of those words fraught with loaded meaning. Take, for example, the notion that I should ring my mother every week. It takes on the level of duty with ‘should’prefacing the action. If I rang her because

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10 things you don’t already know about me.

(1) I am a mother… yes… It’s not meant to read “I’m….”…. you see I once read Descartes hang on! That’s not Des carts … we don’t know any Des blokes… this guy I read about is ayCarts’… okay mum! I get it. You read about some bloke. So what’s your point? I’m getting there!…. ) He said – ‘I think, therefore I am’. Well I Am a mother…I Am  daughter. .. a grand daughter. … and I have a

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