Welcome to my fresh new look!


I’m so excited  to welcome you to my fresh new website!

A big shout out to Cameron @ http://www.bcmarketing.com.au/ for getting my site up and running. Some time last year I attended a workshop that highlighted some deficits in my existing web site. For instance, I found out I need a host for my domain so I can link my email. And not just any email account, but a new one that allows me to use mail chimp for my newsletters. (Wait for my first, brand new newsletter, due out soon!)

A short while later I realized it was time for a new look when, to add insult to injury, my site developed a fault beyond my expertise. That’s when I called in Cameron and his insights take care of my new site.

What else is new on my home front?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! In recent months I’ve taken my new career far more seriously. I spent a whole month dedicating every spare minute to writing 50,000 more words for my current novel.

Wow! I hear you say. That’s pretty awesome!

Yeah! I know! And so did my house and my meal prep – thank heavens for a great partner who steps up to the mark when my head is buried knee deep in keyboarding.

Ever heard of NanoWrimo? Neither had I till someone at my writing group mentioned it.

Tell! No secrets!

None at all!  In essence every November NanoWrimo has this massive writing month where you set yourself the goal to write 50,000 new words – no cheating and using old ones! – and away you go, adding to your fab new story. It was a mega cool experience! Now I’ve so many more new words and my story is slowly taking shape.

What else have I done?

Just this week I spat the dummy at a workshop declaring, ‘I can’t get words onto the page.’

Yes, I know! Despite my rave about having so many new words -keep in mind they were written a few months ago now – and although I’ve been working on my novel since then, I walked smack bang into a huge stone wall! Thank heavens for coming clean on being so darn frustrated! One lovely group member responded with suggestions confirming what I suspected. Nothing falls into one’s lap! Not her words, mind you. Mine! Just because I’ve spent my whole life writing   it doesn’t mean this thing called writing a novel comes easily. Maybe there’s someone out there for whom it does simply flow from the tip of the pen, effortlessly. If you know of or meet someone like that, please don’t introduce me! I’ll be plodding away plonking new words into my script at my desk or my dining table, or in bed, or in the line to the zoo outing with a notepad and pencil.

As a result of my not so silent, unwitting cry for help I now have a few new things and not so new things on my ‘to do’ list.

(1) Re-read my own blog on five tips about learning to write, and put my own advice into practice!

(2) Continue my preparation for the writing retreat I’m attending in April. Can’t wait!

(3) Enjoy the journey – of learning – of writing – of stretching my creative muscles.

Your turn – something new!

What are your writing hints and tips for when you get stuck? Do drop me a line and let me know.






ES Dunn - Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Range, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child and is a life-long passion. Susan is also passionate about reading and attributes much of her learning from the wonderful literature she keeps discovering.

8 comments On Welcome to my fresh new look!

  • Looks good my love – Cant wait for your newsletter

  • Woo Hoo, how amazing!!

  • Eileen Dunn

    Thank you, Mary Anne! I’m enjoying writing, and with time, I hope to achieve some goals that, right now, are a bit ‘out there’!

  • Well done and looking good. I’ll add a link to your site on mine.

    Writing tip to get going for the day. Read the last lot of words on page done yesterday or whenever. Read thoroughly for meaning, rewrite the last para and keep going. You may have to delete or change later as this is purely a ‘get in’ technique that focuses the mind.

    And, just get words – any words – down, ‘I don’t know what to write’ over and over gets boring very quickly! They’re not set on concrete and can be changed, moved or deleted thanks to the power of the computer screen.

    • Eileen Dunn

      Thank you Glen! It’s always encouraging to receive tips, and I do like the idea of re-reading the last day’s last paragraph. I sometimes re-read and begin to edit and of course, we both know that will encroach on actual writing time! Thank you for adding a link to your page. I’ll look into reciprocating – a small learning curve I’m sure!

  • Well done, this is amaizing! Watch this space x

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