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7 ways I’m a tourist in my own back yard

Beach and Coffee go hand in hand

What do you mean? Touring your own backyard? 1. It’s for real! Grab a glass of wine and sit out on the patio with me. Gaze across the foothills and bingo, I’m anywhere in the world with hillsides and a shroud of trees and all I’ve done is walk from my back door to the outdoor setting. Check out that view! I suppose you imagine you’re in Europe somewhere. That’s a bit of a stretch for the imagination, you say.

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5 reasons I like Instagram

Only 5, you ask. Indeed! (1) I enjoy the spontaneity of writing a fresh post daily or thereabouts, as it gives me a focus for photos I’ve taken, and a really good reason to take more. I often grab my phone and snap several photos of scenes, flowers, cloud-scapes, a lovely book or an event. These usually make up my posts along with the occasional trip down memory lane with vintage photos and family memorabilia. I also like to find

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Cubbyhouses and teasets

  When I was about ten years old I used to play in a huge cubby in the back yard of our home. My brother, who was a couple of years younger than me, and I, used to set up the interior with rooms mimicking a real home. We created spaces for a kitchen, a lounge room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. In true playful fashion, as only a pretend home allows, we changed the floor plan at will, and

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The French Photographer by Natasha Lester

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Why, read of course! And what better book to have started and now finished within a couple of days than The French Photographer. I’ve read all of Natasha Lester’s books and this is by far the best, although personally, A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald is a close contender. Reading The French Photographer so soon after Anzac was a bit raw for me, although I must add, that simply confers how vivid the

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Declutter or reuse, recycle, reduce?

In recent months I’ve been busy sorting through possessions, helping my mother declutter. Of course, being a hoarder, a collector, or any other synonym you wish to use, means you’d have the extent of the task about right. we’ve had many laughs and a few tears in the process of ‘letting go.’ These are only a few things my mother collects. (I’ll possibly tell you about more, another time.) Plastic bags and wrappers… … any, size shape or colour. Did

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Songwoman_a book review

Songwoman by Ilka Tampke raises the question of connectedness to Mother Earth. In her extensive exploration of the meaning of an individual’s and a people’s ties to their land, I recall distinctive experiences of my own. First, however, I would hasten to add, that a sense of ‘belonging to place’ is often and usually espoused in reference to indigenous peoples and less frequently in reference to non-indigenous communities or peoples. It is nevertheless, something I own in my own way.

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It’s a Queer World

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

A session at the recent Perth Writer’s Festival kicked off the day, and as I’d arrived early to get good parking, I made myself comfortable on a bean bag in the Auditorium while waiting. It’s a Queer World opened avenues in my thinking I’d either not known or reminded me of aspects I’d encountered over the years. Following are some points I took away from the session in which Robin Little led the discussion with Benjamin Law, Madison Moore, Ursula

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What Is Women’s Fiction Anyway?

Perth Festival Writers Week 2019 Last minute changes to sessions I attended were dictated by availability and my capacity to endure the incredible humidity that hit Perth, especially on the Saturday. Admittedly inside sessions were in air-conditioned comfort which made it far more pleasant. This is the first of three posts on selected sessions I attended over the weekend. What is Women’s Fiction Anyway? In this session Tess Woods interviewed Anthea Hodgson, Jennie Jones and Sasha Wasley. While the whole

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Perth Writers Week 2019 – Our Imagined Selves

Perth Writers Week 2019 – Our Imagined Selves This year’s writers’ week from 18th -24th February, offers once again, a vast range of sessions to choose from. What captures my interest? I’m keen to learn what Cormac O’Reilly is up to and about the inspiration behind Dervla McTiernan’s second crime fiction novel. McTiernan discusses her new book The Scholar. on Monday 18th February at the Literature Centre in Fremantle. Does travel broaden one’s mind? A rhetorical question in my books.

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Hope is my word for 2019.

Hope is ‘a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen’. Why choose ‘hope’? Because, if I am to be very honest, a little spark of hope was re-ignited late last year and I knew I didn’t want to lose it. The year had been a tough one. They say HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL which apparently means it’s human nature to always find fresh cause for optimism. What better cause’ could there be than to celebrate a whole

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