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Review of Virginia Woolf by Nigel Nicolson

Virginia Woolf has long intrigued me as an author. Curiosity about her death, in particular, what prompted her to take her own life led me, finally, to Nicolson’s biography. Nicolson drew extensively from Virginia Woolf’s published books, diaries, letters and some unpublished papers (p. ix) to deliver an insightful account and perspective on her life. At times, his opinion is clearly and definitively stated, leaving the reader no uncertainty that he has drawn a conclusion of his own. In my

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Beautiful You

Beautiful You Anthology

When I began my journey with peiec energy medicine, I had no idea I’d be writing a chapter in an anthology! Beautiful You captures several author's stories. Look out for what promises to be fascinating read of life-changing insights in the lives of all who are contributing.

A peak into The Younger Self Letters

Younger Self Letters

…an anthology of inspiring stories When you start an anthology, there’s no golden rule about the order in which you read the stories. With that in mind I turn the pages of The Younger Self Letters straight to Anandi Sano’s story and read her story addressed to Little One. I immediately flick back in time to when I first heard Anandi use the name, Little One. In her imaginary children’s story, The Gentle Dragon, she gently transports the listener to

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Compassion vs Empathy

Compassion vs Empathy

Compassion is a vital ingredient in self-healing. The key to my way forward lies in a unique pathway. What is it?

What does it means to have a story published? Here’s 7 aspects.

1. Gratitude I feel grateful my publisher considered my story worthy of publication. It meant she saw potential in my writing. 2. Trust In submitting my story to the publisher and in trusting her with my work, it meant allowing myself to trust the process she asked of me. It was a journey in itself. Making requested changes meant trusting the judgement of many people in the industry who were involved in the pathway to publication. 3. Team Work Working

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Light cost, meaty dishes; a walk down memory lane

50 years ago. During my childhood, low cost meals and simple dishes were a fact of life. My mother managed our household of five on a minimal budget that didn’t always keep pace with inflation. Even so, we never went without. There was always food in the cupboard, and the pantry, and later, when we could afford one, the freezer. Because we lived in isolation, on a farm, frequent trips to the shops weren’t possible. My mother bought in bulk.

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