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Spoilt for choice at local writers convention

Spoilt for Choice

The fourth Rockingham Writers Convention was a resounding success. Huge congratulations to all involved in preparing and running the day.  I could not fault one aspect.   I was sorry to miss out attending for two years running, due to family circumstances. This one made up for it! A taste of the program was all anyone could get from the many workshops on offer. We were spoilt for choice. I attended- Therese Edmonds – Creating Effective Story Structure Natasha Lester

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How to waste time and justify it.

De-clutter, write or study? Ever since I joined my local Buy Nothing group it’s been a toss-up between devoting time to de-cluttering my home or to writing. Sandwiched in-between the two is a course on photography I studied in six weeks – all six modules crammed with high-end, professional information, intensive and challenging. (You can read my initial response to the course here.) Learning to take photos with a fresh eye, I’m tackling close-ups before moving on to macro photography

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Passion Renewed

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reshaping my understanding of photography through an online course. Steve Parish’s Masterclass in Photography is almost at an end. What I’m learning gives a greater sense of purpose and provides a way forward with a hobby I’ve loved since childhood. My first shots From the day I was given my mother’s Brownie camera on a picnic and my brother and I ran off, eagerly snapping away at swans and ducks on the nearby

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5 or more ways to write a Clayton blog post

When is a blog post not a blog post? Here’s at least 5 ways to get your hands dirty and be accused of writing a Clayton blog post. 1. Decry that you have no time. Where did all the hours in the day go? You sit back and enumerate the tasks that filled the “Oh, I’ll get back to writing that post just as soon as …” You’ve done the washing up. Wiped the bench down. Made the beds –

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3 reasons I Buy Nothing

Recently I joined a group called Buy Nothing. 1. ‘Why?’ you ask. Apart from the joy of giving, I must admit to relief as well. You see, I get to declutter my home while finding an appreciative outlet for whatever I wish to part with. In less than a month, a few of the items I’ve found homes for are – A dolls cot that I made a little mattress, pillow, sheet and blanket for, which helped a mum give

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7 ways I’m a tourist in my own back yard

Beach and Coffee go hand in hand

What do you mean? Touring your own backyard? 1. It’s for real! Grab a glass of wine and sit out on the patio with me. Gaze across the foothills and bingo, I’m anywhere in the world with hillsides and a shroud of trees and all I’ve done is walk from my back door to the outdoor setting. Check out that view! I suppose you imagine you’re in Europe somewhere. That’s a bit of a stretch for the imagination, you say.

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5 reasons I like Instagram

Only 5, you ask. Indeed! (1) I enjoy the spontaneity of writing a fresh post daily or thereabouts, as it gives me a focus for photos I’ve taken, and a really good reason to take more. I often grab my phone and snap several photos of scenes, flowers, cloud-scapes, a lovely book or an event. These usually make up my posts along with the occasional trip down memory lane with vintage photos and family memorabilia. I also like to find

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Cubbyhouses and teasets

  When I was about ten years old I used to play in a huge cubby in the back yard of our home. My brother, who was a couple of years younger than me, and I, used to set up the interior with rooms mimicking a real home. We created spaces for a kitchen, a lounge room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. In true playful fashion, as only a pretend home allows, we changed the floor plan at will, and

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