Maureen Helen – Reading Magic

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It is timely to share Maureen Helen’s Reading Magic in the same week that all Australians are encouraged to stop what they are doing and read for an hour on Thursday September 20th . Maureen’s story is testimony to the power and value of reading during childhood and shows how reading influences one’s path in life. When I first met Maureen, I was totally engaged by her enviable energy for learning and life itself. Maureen is a co-member of the

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3 reasons (plus one more) why I like to go on a trip…

Canola crop

Going on a trip can mean a few things, depending on your definition of trip! It could mean an ‘Alice trip’, that is going down proverbial rabbit holes! I’ve scampered down one repeatedly – with repeat episodes of Alice in Wonderland, my granddaughter’s favourite movie, so much of a favourite that I made her an Alice dress for her 4th birthday. It featured in my last post! Occasionally I almost bury myself in a rabbit hole on the internet, but

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Love, Luck and Laughter

Love blooms in a cactus in flower

What does it mean? I’ve a cousin who always signs her cards with these three magical words. It’s like wishing you the best of everything. Love Imagine a world without love. It would be as pointless as having nobody to share the world with. No-one to say I love you in a myriad of ways. How many ways, you ask? Have you done your seatbelt up? What time will you be home? Thanks for the birthday wishes. I thought of

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Social media is dead …

St Lawrence Church, England

…  said no one ever! When I first began blogging I thought it would be a challenge. It is! Today there’s for and against this ‘old form’ of being on social media! According to some, blogging is ‘dead’! Woo! I hear you say! It is NOT! Yet there’s much more than blogging when establishing a presence on the web today. I’ve been busy learning more about some of my favourite platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in a Mastermind class.

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7 benefits of going on a writers’ retreat

Beautiful bush setting

It’s winter here in Western Australia and there was no better place to be than with a group of friends in front of a log fire! Tess Woods recent Winter Writers’ Retreat in Geographe Bay in the south-west of Western Australia was the perfect escape! Here’s a snapshot of  what I gained. I could rave on for several pages but I know I’d lose you! (i) New friendships This is the most amazing benefit. Making new friends and creating close

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Five reasons to get away from it all

When everything is annoying

Any reason for a break is good enough. Let’s face it! But the BEST five I’ve discovered are … (1)YOU NEED A BREAK! In this crazy world of busy-ness, it’s so nice to STOP and take a breath! Last month, just before I went on my break, was one of the craziest I’ve had in a long time. Some ‘good crazy’, some not good. Hey, you say, what’s so different to anyone else?  Nothing really! Your life might be crazier

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Guy Salvidge – Wrapped Up in Books

A few years ago I met Guy Salvidge at an Avon Valley Writers’ Festival and more recently at the last Rockinhgam Writers’ Festival. Our paths continue to cross occasionally and with his article for Readers in Their Element, I am amazed to learn of his voracious appetite for reading. He certainly is in his element when he has a book in his hand. In his own words, Guy’s intermittently award-winning fiction has squirrelled its way into such esteemed publications as The

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My family piano

There’s not a lot in common between eggs and pianos. Except for the one in my lounge room. If the hens on my Nanna’s farm in the early 1900’s hadn’t been so productive there’d have been no eggs to sell, no money saved and logically, no piano. In my mind I can hear my grandmother, Nora Farrall playing the piano and singing hymns for Sunday Services and gatherings in the front room of her home. I believe was often joined

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Teena Raffa-Mulligan – Confessions of a Readaholic

When I had the opportunity to talk at length with Teena Raffa-Mulligan at W.A. Authors’ Day at Just Add Passion in Stoneville a few weeks ago, I was totally intrigued by her resounding knowledge and passion for reading. Teena is a breath of fresh air and her enthusiasm for reading sparkles with every word she shares. Teena is a reader, writer and daydream believer with a lifelong passion for books and writing. Her first published book was a stranger danger

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A.R. Levett’s Storytelling Journey

When I approached Andrew Levett to be a guest writer for Readers in Their Element I was intrigued to learn about the amazing range of genres he read as a child and currently explores in his writing. Amongst other points of interest, he highlights that variety is sometimes a key to engaging young children in reading. I am pleased to bring you his Storytelling Journey. Andrew is an emerging Western Australian writer of poetry, short-stories, novel-length fiction, and screenplays. He

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