Hope is my word for 2019.

Hope is ‘a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen’. Why choose ‘hope’? Because, if I am to be very honest, a little spark of hope was re-ignited late last year and I knew I didn’t want to lose it. The year had been a tough one. They say HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL which apparently means it’s human nature to always find fresh cause for optimism. What better cause’ could there be than to celebrate a whole

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Unzipping 2019 – 19 plus magical things I hope to achieve.

Like a dear friend said, I’ll tag 19 things I hope to achieve rather than set specific goals. At this stage, would you believe, my good intentions (aka goals) are already swaying! Ah, yes, I hear you say you know the syndrome well. Nevertheless, here’s an impressive list of things I aim ‘to do’ in 2019. 1. Maintain an outlook filled with Hope Make Magic Happen – here goes! (Image courtesy https://www.facebook.com/groups/everythingpublishingacademy/) 2. Family Continue to look after my grandkids

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3 things I celebrate

3 things I celebrate this festive season

At this busy time of the year, I wish you a happy and safe festive season. Over the years I’ve become increasingly aware of multifaceted celebrations that arise from personal beliefs. This was especially highlighted in the short period of time I spent living in the London nearly ten years ago. Traditional notions It came to light with a bang, literally, when London’s horizons sparkled with fireworks that celebrated Diwali and Eid. My husband and I watched random celebrations for

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Wild beauty tames the beast

This year’s wildflower season in Western Australia was extraordinary. As you may know, for those following my Facebook posts, I’ve indulged in a few road trips in the last few months, some of necessity, and a couple for pleasure, so I had the opportunity to check out mother nature’s beauty in several locations.   First of all, the Bruce Rock-Doodlakine Road was a gasp-worthy drive. I braked so often and jumped from my car so many times to grab yet

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Courage – Just Do it!

Thai mountainside

Moving forward in life is sometimes a shaky experience, like crossing a swaying bridge. Over coffee in a rural town recently, I noted this piece of art. My mother said she’d never walk across something like this but I believe she has more courage than she knows as she passed a good dose on to me! The daredevil in me would love to see the views but I know my knuckles would be white gripping the side ropes. Vertigo makes my

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Love, Luck and Laughter

Love blooms in a cactus in flower

What does it mean? I’ve a cousin who always signs her cards with these three magical words. It’s like wishing you the best of everything. Love Imagine a world without love. It would be as pointless as having nobody to share the world with. No-one to say I love you in a myriad of ways. How many ways, you ask? Have you done your seatbelt up? What time will you be home? Thanks for the birthday wishes. I thought of

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