5 or more ways to write a Clayton blog post

When is a blog post not a blog post? Here’s at least 5 ways to get your hands dirty and be accused of writing a Clayton blog post. 1. Decry that you have no time. Where did all the hours in the day go? You sit back and enumerate the tasks that filled the “Oh, I’ll get back to writing that post just as soon as …” You’ve done the washing up. Wiped the bench down. Made the beds –

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Declutter or reuse, recycle, reduce?

In recent months I’ve been busy sorting through possessions, helping my mother declutter. Of course, being a hoarder, a collector, or any other synonym you wish to use, means you’d have the extent of the task about right. we’ve had many laughs and a few tears in the process of ‘letting go.’ These are only a few things my mother collects. (I’ll possibly tell you about more, another time.) Plastic bags and wrappers… … any, size shape or colour. Did

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