Passion Renewed

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reshaping my understanding of photography through an online course. Steve Parish’s Masterclass in Photography is almost at an end. What I’m learning gives a greater sense of purpose and provides a way forward with a hobby I’ve loved since childhood. My first shots From the day I was given my mother’s Brownie camera on a picnic and my brother and I ran off, eagerly snapping away at swans and ducks on the nearby

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Wild beauty tames the beast

This year’s wildflower season in Western Australia was extraordinary. As you may know, for those following my Facebook posts, I’ve indulged in a few road trips in the last few months, some of necessity, and a couple for pleasure, so I had the opportunity to check out mother nature’s beauty in several locations.   First of all, the Bruce Rock-Doodlakine Road was a gasp-worthy drive. I braked so often and jumped from my car so many times to grab yet

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Courage – Just Do it!

Thai mountainside

Moving forward in life is sometimes a shaky experience, like crossing a swaying bridge. Over coffee in a rural town recently, I noted this piece of art. My mother said she’d never walk across something like this but I believe she has more courage than she knows as she passed a good dose on to me! The daredevil in me would love to see the views but I know my knuckles would be white gripping the side ropes. Vertigo makes my

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Dunnroamin’ to Geraldton

Dunnroamin’ – Road trip to Geraldton Last weekend my husband and I travelled north from Perth to sunny Geraldton. It was a special occasion catching up with family with whom we spent some time exploring the area. On the way we noted iconic landmarks. Typically, the Leaning Tree just out of Geraldton was irresistible to capture. We noted there’s now a tourist bay to pull into making the photo-taking exercise safer than in past years. Usually I yell out to

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