Spoilt for choice at local writers convention

Spoilt for Choice

The fourth Rockingham Writers Convention was a resounding success. Huge congratulations to all involved in preparing and running the day.  I could not fault one aspect.   I was sorry to miss out attending for two years running, due to family circumstances. This one made up for it! A taste of the program was all anyone could get from the many workshops on offer. We were spoilt for choice. I attended- Therese Edmonds – Creating Effective Story Structure Natasha Lester

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The French Photographer by Natasha Lester

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Why, read of course! And what better book to have started and now finished within a couple of days than The French Photographer. I’ve read all of Natasha Lester’s books and this is by far the best, although personally, A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald is a close contender. Reading The French Photographer so soon after Anzac was a bit raw for me, although I must add, that simply confers how vivid the

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Songwoman_a book review

Songwoman by Ilka Tampke raises the question of connectedness to Mother Earth. In her extensive exploration of the meaning of an individual’s and a people’s ties to their land, I recall distinctive experiences of my own. First, however, I would hasten to add, that a sense of ‘belonging to place’ is often and usually espoused in reference to indigenous peoples and less frequently in reference to non-indigenous communities or peoples. It is nevertheless, something I own in my own way.

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18 plus achievements in 2018

Cervantes Bike

What I achieved in 2018. A couple of months ago I found a printout of an email I sent myself in February listing my goals for 2018! I got carried away – a habit of mine when I actually start goal setting. I even set tasks to achieve my targets and I planned out a fortnightly action plan! I mapped out my days – when I’d do what and for how long. It all met with varying degrees of success.

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Extinctions by Josephine Wilson – A Review

Extinctions back cover excerpt

At first, Extinctions by Josephine Wilson was a challenge to get into but after a few pages I grew accustomed to the narrative style and became engrossed. As a winner of the Dorothy Hewett Award in 2015 and of the Miles Franklin Literary Award in 2017, it ‘had to be good’. Fred Lothian, the central character through whom most of the story is told, is a difficult man – son, husband, father  – caught up in mind warps that are

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WA Author Day, Just Add Passion

Imagine celebrating Mother’s Day with local talent. That’s exactly what Michelle Greening  brought to our doorstep on WA Author Day at Just Add Passion on Sunday. Michelle has a talent for finding real treasures – stunning art, fabulous books and gorgeous crafts as well as amazing, talented WA authors who bring laughs and fabulous stories to share on the deck of her quaint Emporium in Perth’s hills. When I browsed the books the authors had on display I resisted the

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Romance mixed with contemporary issues

Brief insights into three books I’ve read recently, written by Australian author, Rachael Johns, exploring both romance and contemporary issues follow. The Patterson Girls is an absorbing story to listen to involving four sisters each with very different issues about pregnancy. I won the audiobook in a raffle, and I must say, I couldn’t have chosen a better prize. It came with The McKinnels of Jewell Rock which kept me glued to both stories, A Dog and a Diamond and

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5 Tips from Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’

My latest read, Stephen King’s memoir, On Writing, is the best book I’ve ever read on how to go about creative writing. His raw honesty is compelling. As an aside, years ago my daughter, aged 15 at the time, crawled into my bed between my husband and myself. It was uncomfortable and I got little sleep that night. In the morning her admission was having read a Stephen King novel that scared her! I’ve not read a single novel of

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Growing up is optional…

I am in the process of ‘looking back’ – a fun thing to do! This time it’s to my childhood books, after all, growing up is optional! What did you read as a child – when you were growing up? Some of my early favourites got a peek in My Reading and Writing Life. This time I take a take a step or two a few years down the track to when I was reading children’s books as an adult. Why

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Writing the Dream – 24 inspiring stories

Writing comes easy – said no one ever! So what works for you? Writing the Dream,  a Serenity Press Anthology is an inspiring collection of 24 authors One dream 24 inspiring stories and 120 writing tips Words of encouragement from one of the contributors who signed my edition at the launch. Here are 5 random tips, some from the 120 – Write every day Join a writing community Take risks Try different genres Read widely I enjoyed reading 24 wonderful

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