7 ways I’m a tourist in my own back yard

Beach and Coffee go hand in hand

What do you mean? Touring your own backyard? 1. It’s for real! Grab a glass of wine and sit out on the patio with me. Gaze across the foothills and bingo, I’m anywhere in the world with hillsides and a shroud of trees and all I’ve done is walk from my back door to the outdoor setting. Check out that view! I suppose you imagine you’re in Europe somewhere. That’s a bit of a stretch for the imagination, you say.

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Courage – Just Do it!

Thai mountainside

Moving forward in life is sometimes a shaky experience, like crossing a swaying bridge. Over coffee in a rural town recently, I noted this piece of art. My mother said she’d never walk across something like this but I believe she has more courage than she knows as she passed a good dose on to me! The daredevil in me would love to see the views but I know my knuckles would be white gripping the side ropes. Vertigo makes my

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3 reasons (plus one more) why I like to go on a trip…

Canola crop

Going on a trip can mean a few things, depending on your definition of trip! It could mean an ‘Alice trip’, that is going down proverbial rabbit holes! I’ve scampered down one repeatedly – with repeat episodes of Alice in Wonderland, my granddaughter’s favourite movie, so much of a favourite that I made her an Alice dress for her 4th birthday. It featured in my last post! Occasionally I almost bury myself in a rabbit hole on the internet, but

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Dunnroamin’ to Geraldton

Dunnroamin’ – Road trip to Geraldton Last weekend my husband and I travelled north from Perth to sunny Geraldton. It was a special occasion catching up with family with whom we spent some time exploring the area. On the way we noted iconic landmarks. Typically, the Leaning Tree just out of Geraldton was irresistible to capture. We noted there’s now a tourist bay to pull into making the photo-taking exercise safer than in past years. Usually I yell out to

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Coast or Hills

Recently my husband and I decided to go for a drive away from the hills where we live, to the coast, where we chose not to live. It’s not that I dislike the ocean, or prefer hills, it’s rather what was available at the time. We felt welcome in either place. Here, in Perth Western Australia, the suburban sprawl has crept along the coastline and headed further and further away from the central city. Whether that’s a good thing or

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