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I hope you’ll enjoy sharing my joy in reading, love of writing, and the occasional great (in my opinion!) snapshot from trips and travels as well as my love of sewing beautiful ‘things’.

I’m currently writing my first contemporary fiction novel and I’m also busy researching and writing biographies of special people in my life.

I read a wide range of fiction and believe reading is essential in life. I share highlights showing how this has influenced myself and others.

As well as reading and writing I have a long-standing passion for photography. I’m very much an amateur and capture the occasional good image. Family holidays are an obvious occasion, but I also love to capture nature. Occasionally I share these as inspirational thoughts.

I’d love to hear from you.

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Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Range, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child and is a life-long passion. Susan is also passionate about reading and attributes much of her learning to the wonderful world of literature. She enjoys photography and art and loves to write the occasional poem. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her backyard.

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