Thai mountainside

Courage – Just Do it!

Moving forward in life is sometimes a shaky experience, like crossing a swaying bridge. Over coffee in a rural town recently, I noted this piece of art. My mother said she’d never walk across something like this but I believe she has more courage than she knows as she passed a good dose on to me!

Swaing bridge
This would take some courage! A swaying bridge! (Art in a cafe in a central wheatbelt town in Western Australia.)

The daredevil in me would love to see the views but I know my knuckles would be white gripping the side ropes. Vertigo makes my head swim, my heart race and the blood pound through my veins!

Recently I’ve had to face some harsh realities about how I approach life.  I’d sort of forgotten the essence of courage – to face my fear and do it anyway.

Thai mountainside
Boulder and shrine – My goal!

In 2013 I walked around a mountain in Northern Thailand with sections sporting less space to the edge of the narrow path with its rickety fence-cum-barrier than there is on the swinging rope bridge! Knowing the effects of vertigo, I knew I was in trouble the moment I found myself on my own! My husband thought I had turned back and he had gone ahead with his mate! I always prefer to go forward so retracing my steps, once I was on my own, wasn’t an option. I didn’t know the path around the mountain was so long! I kept my back touching the rocky wall and inched my way along,  glancing out and up, not down, at least not until I  had a bit of courage.

I have a few photos to prove it.

Mountainside bridge in northern Thailand
Mountainside path leading to the shrine in in the distance. In northern Thailand. The path was rather ‘iffy’ at this point!
Wood used to repair the path along the mountainside
Wood used to repair the path along the mountainside.
Some sections in need of repair along the mountainside
Some sections in need of repair along the mountainside
View from the mountainside path in northern Thailand
View from the mountainside path in northern Thailand. I would hestitantly release touching the walls, grab my camera,point and shoot a photo then touch the rock face with both hands and continue to side step along the rock face!
Shrines appear along the path
Shrines appeared along the path
Steps at the base of the mountain.
We started off as a group, and ended up singular! These steps are at the base of the mountain.

I know I took a long time.  Our hosts sent a Thai helper up to find me! By that time I was heading down the steps towards the base.

Yes, I’d made it!

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes.  This was so real for me – just like in real life. Hey!  It was real life!

Fear of Writing

Fear of writing cringe worthy material is a writer’s bane, and often a reality! With drafts and redrafts of novels, poems and short stories, one can only hope to accomplish a publishable manuscript. It takes courage to put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard. Simply DOING is one step that accomplishes so much!

According to Merriam Webster courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

 This is a timely reminder, probably to myself, and if it resonates with you, to take courage. Walk on and just do whatever it takes – one step after another. One word after another.

“But as long as your courage holds out you may as well go right ahead making a fool of yourself. All brave men are fools.” — Robert Frost 17 Apr. 1915, in Selected Letters of Robert Frost, 1964.

The view from the mountainside path in noCourage is rewarded with great viewsp.
The view from the mountainside path in northern Thailand was well worth every step.

Eileen Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Ranges, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child with compositions at school. Writing remains a passion, though it varies in nature, from short stories, to poetry, family biographies and memoir. Reading across a range of genres contributes to her love of life long learning. Studies at university broadened her horizons and love of the world of literature. She also enjoys photography and dabbles in art and other crafty hobbies, such as sewing. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her patio.

4 comments On Courage – Just Do it!

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    Thank you for being so courageous to write about being fearful, Susan. My obbservation is that you have great courage and resilience that can only flourish when a person practices facing fears over and over again. As you point out, it’s aabout taking one step and then the next…

    • Susan Dunn

      Thank you, Maureen. I see so much courage in what you do and admire how you step out into new ventures. Courage certainly makes life far more interesting!

  • Avatar

    Great post, Susan! Well done on you for getting around that mountainside (OMG!!)
    xx Lily

    • Susan Dunn

      Thanks, Lily! I must say I was glad to have made it! I took my time heading down which was a safer path and wondered what the fuss was all about when I got back to the group!

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