Unzipping 2019 – 19 plus magical things I hope to achieve.

Like a dear friend said, I’ll tag 19 things I hope to achieve rather than set specific goals.

At this stage, would you believe, my good intentions (aka goals) are already swaying! Ah, yes, I hear you say you know the syndrome well. Nevertheless, here’s an impressive list of things I aim ‘to do’ in 2019.

1. Maintain an outlook filled with Hope

Make Magic Happen – here goes!


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2. Family

Continue to look after my grandkids in bursts. My sweet little four-year-old starts school this year, so there will be fewer days to spend together but I’m sure, on balance it remains a high priority! Her little brother is getting old enough to fill the breach, should there be one!

Continue co-care for my aging mother to the best of my ability. This year started with a BANG and new plans are in place. I’m very fortunate to have two wonderful brothers who are fully on board as well.

3. Novel writing

Sometimes I feel like saying the corny thing – It would be a ‘novel’ idea if I stuck to my writing plan! Yeah, I know, boom, boom. I aim to finish my novel, have it (proof) read and hopefully on the road to publication by the end of November.

4. Poetry

Revisit existing poems. Join Creatrix. Write more. (Poetry is great for ‘stuff’ I can’t say in fiction!)  Submit for publication.

5. Short stories

Write 2-3 and submit to competitions.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

6. Work with a mentor

It’s a long, slow road learning a new craft so I aim to work closely with one or two others in a reciprocal arrangement to grow my writing skills.

7. Social Media

Get my podcast idea up and running. This, with other goals that I’ll be encouraged to achieve through Summer Social Media Classes and Mastermind classes through the year, will keep me on track. I’d much rather ignore the online world, however, it is here to stay and I hope and plan to make it serve my purposes. Note the plural! I’ve more than one goal sitting behind this one! I already have a heap of things on my tasks list for each goal!

8. Holidays

My ‘other half’ is keen to show me Darwin. It all depends on a few factors but this trip could well eventuate. We may also go to Coral Bay with family later in the year as well.

Apart from actual holidays, I intend to use my regular road trips into the country as mini-breaks while I listen to audiobooks and stop along the way to take photos. This makes the 5 hour round trip much more fun and often go faster!

9. Health

It’s time to re-negotiate diet and exercise. With a couple of injuries sustained years ago, I need to look into new options that are do-able. Pilates may be one. The local pool another. For the diet – simple summer salads with winter soups following. Just got to stick to both regimes!

10. Finances

I’d dearly love to earn a substantial income again. How though! That’s what I need to explore and implement. Conventional or digital? Hmm!

The sky's the limit!The sky’s the limit!

 11. Engage more with the wider community – Go out more!

I need to explore new options for social contacts with my husband. I never thought breaking into a new community could be so tough! We have a couple up ideas up our sleeve. Maybe they will be enough. As I write we’ve already met with a sports club about one idea. Whoever thought I’d try Lawn Bowls!

12. Engage in the local community with fellow writers and artists.

There’s writer’s centres, events, retreats, authors’ book launches and festivals to be part of, to enjoy and to meet fellow writers. This year I am prepared to travel a little further afield to enjoy these opportunities. The trick here is to be selective about what will be beneficial. I aim to increase my network and to grow as a writer.

13. Friendships

                                   Enjoy more times over coffee with a friend

Maintain contact with our existing circle of friends and continue to build newer ones. I find the art of friendship a challenge. If I need someone to talk with I am unwilling to make that phone call or send that message. I know why I’m like that, so pushing through the barriers is something I need to find the courage to do more readily.

14. Read a minimum of 24 books

Goodreads offers a great tracking tool through its 2019 Reading Challenge.

15. Rearrange Memorabilia

Continue sorting, filing, transcribing, scanning and writing up family history. I truly lack motivation for this one, as it’s sort of imposed on me. However, I can do it, in short bursts, to make sure it is passed on. Hmm! I must simply do it! This one also involves being in touch with wider family and sharing what I know. This becomes my why and makes it worthwhile. Smile.

16. Sewing

Sew clothes for myself and my grandkids. Cut squares and sew more of my king size bed quilt.

Patchwork quilt Make my quilt

17. Photo books

I aim to filter through four years of photos and create a series of photo books with a few words as stories to encourage my granddaughter with her reading. Experience tells me children always show much more interest in reading stories that have personal meaning to them.

18. Take lots of photos

This is a no-brainer! I always take photos! This year I’d like to add a field to improve in, like macro photography – something I loved years ago. It’s time to bring out the SLR and refresh my skills.

19. Engage in voluntary work

As a member of my local CWA Branch, there are opportunities to participate in fundraising for a range of good causes. I have stashes of items ready to make more Fiddle Rugs for Dementia patients.

JDIP – Just Do It, Princess!
I need to break all the above down into tasks, to do lists, daily, weekly or monthly goals and JDI!

Papa’s Delight

Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Range, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child and is a life-long passion. Susan is also passionate about reading and attributes much of her learning to the wonderful world of literature. She enjoys photography and art and loves to write the occasional poem. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her backyard.

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