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Wild beauty tames the beast

This year’s wildflower season in Western Australia was extraordinary. As you may know, for those following my Facebook posts, I’ve indulged in a few road trips in the last few months, some of necessity, and a couple for pleasure, so I had the opportunity to check out mother nature’s beauty in several locations.   First of all, the Bruce Rock-Doodlakine Road was a gasp-worthy drive. I braked so often and jumped from my car so many times to grab yet

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West Coast Fiction Festival

West Coast Fiction Festival

The West Coast Fiction Festival – an author signing event and fund raiser for Share the Dignity – was quite the buzz in writing circles in Perth last weekend. It was held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Scarborough on Saturday November 3rd and was a staggering success. Congratulations are well deserved and are extended to all who were involved in organising the event. Socialising all day is a rare thing in my books! So meeting so many authors who were

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9 reasons I decided to use Bullet Journalling

Over the last few days I’ve had a good deal of fun pulling together a Bullet Journal. What is Bullet Journalling you ask? It’s a great way to pull together all journals used on a regular basis. On the internet there’s a plethora of ideas about content. In stationery stores and departments there’s commercial versions with a focus on whatever you want – except I found that the designated content didn’t quite tick my boxes. That’s not to diminish the

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Courage – Just Do it!

Thai mountainside

Moving forward in life is sometimes a shaky experience, like crossing a swaying bridge. Over coffee in a rural town recently, I noted this piece of art. My mother said she’d never walk across something like this but I believe she has more courage than she knows as she passed a good dose on to me! The daredevil in me would love to see the views but I know my knuckles would be white gripping the side ropes. Vertigo makes my

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Maureen Helen – Reading Magic

Maureen Helen_Readers in Their Element

It is timely to share Maureen Helen’s Reading Magic in the same week that all Australians are encouraged to stop what they are doing and read for an hour on Thursday September 20th . Maureen’s story is testimony to the power and value of reading during childhood and shows how reading influences one’s path in life. When I first met Maureen, I was totally engaged by her enviable energy for learning and life itself. Maureen is a co-member of the

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3 reasons (plus one more) why I like to go on a trip…

Canola crop

Going on a trip can mean a few things, depending on your definition of trip! It could mean an ‘Alice trip’, that is going down proverbial rabbit holes! I’ve scampered down one repeatedly – with repeat episodes of Alice in Wonderland, my granddaughter’s favourite movie, so much of a favourite that I made her an Alice dress for her 4th birthday. It featured in my last post! Occasionally I almost bury myself in a rabbit hole on the internet, but

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Love, Luck and Laughter

Love blooms in a cactus in flower

What does it mean? I’ve a cousin who always signs her cards with these three magical words. It’s like wishing you the best of everything. Love Imagine a world without love. It would be as pointless as having nobody to share the world with. No-one to say I love you in a myriad of ways. How many ways, you ask? Have you done your seatbelt up? What time will you be home? Thanks for the birthday wishes. I thought of

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Social media is dead …

St Lawrence Church, England

…  said no one ever! When I first began blogging I thought it would be a challenge. It is! Today there’s for and against this ‘old form’ of being on social media! According to some, blogging is ‘dead’! Woo! I hear you say! It is NOT! Yet there’s much more than blogging when establishing a presence on the web today. I’ve been busy learning more about some of my favourite platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in a Mastermind class.

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7 benefits of going on a writers’ retreat

Beautiful bush setting

It’s winter here in Western Australia and there was no better place to be than with a group of friends in front of a log fire! Tess Woods recent Winter Writers’ Retreat in Geographe Bay in the south-west of Western Australia was the perfect escape! Here’s a snapshot of  what I gained. I could rave on for several pages but I know I’d lose you! (i) New friendships This is the most amazing benefit. Making new friends and creating close

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Five reasons to get away from it all

When everything is annoying

Any reason for a break is good enough. Let’s face it! But the BEST five I’ve discovered are … (1)YOU NEED A BREAK! In this crazy world of busy-ness, it’s so nice to STOP and take a breath! Last month, just before I went on my break, was one of the craziest I’ve had in a long time. Some ‘good crazy’, some not good. Hey, you say, what’s so different to anyone else?  Nothing really! Your life might be crazier

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