Why I plan to read more than 19 books in 2019

Armed with my mobile phone and a range of books downloaded through Audible I find driving anywhere the perfect opportunity to listen, uninterrupted.

In my 2019 ‘list of magical things I hope to do’  I nominated 24 books for the year, easily digestible at two per month.  I have to travel a lot this year, mostly road trips to and from the country to help co-care my mother and that’s when I’ll ‘read’ – oops, yes, you’ve got it – listen to quite a few.


I’m looking forward to Dervla McTiernan’s The Scholar and can’t wait till it’s released in March.  Ever since I discovered Aiofe McMahon as a narrator when I listened to Dervla McTiernan’s The Ruin (twice!) I’ve wanted to hear more of Aiofe’s delightful Irish accent. Maybe it’s also because I have a hint of Irish in me. You can’t get much more Irish than McGuinness with ancestors hailing from County Wicklow and County Cork!

Back to listening and reading. I hunted through Amazon’s Audible lists for further books narrated by Aiofe McMahon and discovered Sam Blake. I’ve already enjoyed two of Blake’s novels – In Deep Water and No Turning Back.

I find it rather intriguing that I’m reading and listening to crime fiction again. I’m not keen on the grisly bits, nor on how badly humans treat each other. It’s the detective angle that has me hooked. I recall that many years ago I used to read and later watch mini-series with Miss Marple solving Agatha Christie’s mysteries. They were usually much less graphic but the detective element of curiosity got me into the genre.

Another aspect that really appeals to me is the level of detail in Blake’s and McTiernan’s stories. They create pictures in my mind and this helps me in my own writing. And after reading a little about Sam Blake I find the name is a pseudonym for Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin who happens to be a leading authority on crime fiction in Ireland. Sam Blake’s Little Bones may go onto my list when I’m ready to handle the not so nice parts!

Another audiobook I’ve begun to listen to is Everything is Lies by Helen Callaghan.


Recently I came across Kate Morton’s mystery, The Shifting Fog. Assuming I enjoy the story there are two more books I can follow up with.

Rural Romance / Rural Suspense

Recently I attended an author signing event and bought Lily Malone’s The Café by the Bridge and three-in-one Country Suspense. I now have Sarah Barrie’s Legacy of Hunters Ridge; Juanita Kees, Secrets at Wongan Creek and Melissa James’ Beneath the Skin. Catching up with Lily and meeting Juanita for the first time I realise I have the option, of course, to read more books by these lovely authors. There’s at least four books in this list plus additional ones by these authors should I find I’ve more year left over than books in my pile.


I’m looking forward to Tess Wood’s new release, Love and Other Battles.

Short Stories

In my bedside pile, I have Serenity Press’s anthology, Passages and have read three stories so far. They are perfect for settling the mind last thing in the day.

Historical fiction/Romance

A favourite genre and writer, I’ll soon have a copy of Natasha Lester’s The French Photographer.

Historical fiction

I became engrossed in a series by Elizabeth Chadwick a couple of years ago and sought similar historical novels. I hope Conn Iggulden’s Wars of the Roses, Stormbird, narrated by Roy McMillan is a good listen.

Romance / Psychological Fiction

Gail Honeyman’s award-winning Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is already fascinating me in its exploration of isolation and loneliness.

Biography and memoir

I enjoy and look forward to reading at least two or more from these genres. I’m currently listening to Michelle Obama’s Becoming and have Kate Grenville’s One Life: My Mother’s Story lined up.


I like classics and aim to listen to a narration of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.

Other titles

I look forward to Rosanne Dingli’s new publication, A Place in Society.

Recently I was delighted to win a book by PL Harris from her Cupcake Capers series. Oops, that runs my total well over 19!

As you can see, my range is wide, my interests vary. I have several books on the go at any one time and read or listen according to mood!

My bedside pile of books contains several more titles, some I’ve started. That bumps my total to well over 19 and possibly more than the 24 I aim to read in Goodreads Australian Readers Challenge 2019. 

Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Range, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child and is a life-long passion. Susan is also passionate about reading and attributes much of her learning to the wonderful world of literature. She enjoys photography and art and loves to write the occasional poem. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her backyard.

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