WA Author Day, Just Add Passion

Imagine celebrating Mother’s Day with local talent. That’s exactly what Michelle Greening  brought to our doorstep on WA Author Day at Just Add Passion on Sunday.

Michelle has a talent for finding real treasures – stunning art, fabulous books and gorgeous crafts as well as amazing, talented WA authors who bring laughs and fabulous stories to share on the deck of her quaint Emporium in Perth’s hills.

WA Authors at Just Add Passion on Mother’s Day. L-R: Carolyn Wren, Rachel Watts, Kez Wickham St George, PL Harris

When I browsed the books the authors had on display I resisted the temptation to buy too many – my usual downfall! I took a casual wander inside to check out the arts and crafts.

A delightful variety of handcrafts – hand made soaps; warm scarves and pretty dresses; colourful works of art and so many more items are all beautifully displayed. The best part though – everything is locally made. I found the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday. (My Mum already had her present!)






One of several Hill Billy Iron Works sculptures at Just Add Passion

  Did you know WA Author Days at Just Add Passion are something to look forward to each month?

Living in Perth’s hills is a blessing in disguise. We have the stunning hills and trees to enjoy, yet social events are often a long drive down the hill. So I was thrilled to learn that WA Author Days a held each month and are a mere few minutes down the road. Each month’s event is already in my calendar. Are they in yours? I’d love to meet you there and share a coffee from the quaint van next door!

Inspirational Quotes by M E Greening


Disclaimer: Apart from a beautiful smile from Michelle Greening when I asked permission to write a brief review of WA Author Day and Just Add Passion, I do not receive any kickbacks from Just Add Passion or any artist or author or individual who supplies their art or crafts to Just Add Passion.

Just Add Passion’s front entrance features a clever recycled bath tub of flowers.

Eileen Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Ranges, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child with compositions at school. Writing remains a passion, though it varies in nature, from short stories, to poetry, family biographies and memoir. Reading across a range of genres contributes to her love of life long learning. Studies at university broadened her horizons and love of the world of literature. She also enjoys photography and dabbles in art and other crafty hobbies, such as sewing. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her patio.

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