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3 reasons (plus one more) why I like to go on a trip…

Going on a trip can mean a few things, depending on your definition of trip!

It could mean an ‘Alice trip’, that is going down proverbial rabbit holes! I’ve scampered down one repeatedly – with repeat episodes of Alice in Wonderland, my granddaughter’s favourite movie, so much of a favourite that I made her an Alice dress for her 4th birthday. It featured in my last post!

Occasionally I almost bury myself in a rabbit hole on the internet, but really, I’ve no spare time for such extravagance!

Back to my version of ‘trip’

Recent trips into the central wheat-belt (check out some photos here) have taken up most of my usual writing time. It’s good to know that  my protagonist is patiently waiting while I sort out some crucial family matters. I know her well enough to have every confidence she will spring back into action as soon as I put fingertips to keyboard.

Shackleton Sculpture
A sculpture in Shackleton. One of  many in the tiny town I recently passed through on my way to Bruce Rock.
Shackleton Sculpture
Shackleton Sculptures line the main street

Travel destinations

It’s rather obvious what this is!

I grew up in the central wheat-belt. Our first farm I lived on is still only a couple of miles out of the town of Bruce Rock. (Yep! farms don’t move!)

Originally the town was called Nunagin, but in 1913 or thereabouts, it officially became known as Bruce Rock supposedly named after Bruce, who found the large outcrop of granite rock just out of the main town site. The rock itself is half on the farm pioneered by my great-grandfather, (and where I spent my first 6 or 7 years) and half on a natural reserve adjoining the property. You can check out further images of Bruce Rock here.

Bruce Rock main street
Bruce Rock main street

As my two brothers and I grew up, our parents moved sixteen miles out of town into their  new home on their own property. I have strong memories in both places.

Now my visits are mostly confined to the town itself, where my mother lives. The whole distirict has a population of less than a thousand!

Mural on corner store in Bruce Rock
Mural on a corner store in Bruce Rock


Bruce Rock Map in the main street
Bruce Rock Map is conveniently located under a gazebo in in the main street

Three reasons (plus one more) to hit the road

  1. Obviously, sometimes we simply to need to get away from it all for a break.
  2. When I can afford it I like to head off to a retreat.
  3. Lately, I’ve been on several trips down memory lane. In visiting the place where I grew up I recall childhood memories
  • Catching tadpoles and frogs in the catchment at the the foot the huge granite outcrop also known as Bruce’s Rock.
  • Being chased by bulls and being mooed at by cows! Thankfully they were in yards. But they were darn scary! Check out my posts on being afraid of cows!
  • Playing in the barn amidst bags of wheat and scampering mice.
  • Eating molasses intended for the farm animals and getting caught out because we left the bung off and it dripped out of the 44 gallon drum!
  • Racing around the farms on pushbikes.



Talk about space!

Space to go and be!

Space to fly down farm ‘roads’!

Space to race each other on our pushbikes on dirt tracks.

Space to yell as loudly and as often as we wanted!

View from the Bruce Rock Amphitheatre
View from the Bruce Rock Amphitheatre

I love travel, exploring new places and meeting new people with fresh outlooks. Over the years I’ve made it a point to never go back to anywhere. Sometimes though, life’s journey requires occasional return trips and I find myself  ‘going back’ quite often lately.

Walking down memory lane is a joy as I make the best of visits to old haunts and meeting up with people I’ve known from my childhood!

Road tripping is not over, not by a long shot…

Road Trip to Bruce Rock







Eileen Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Ranges, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child with compositions at school. Writing remains a passion, though it varies in nature, from short stories, to poetry, family biographies and memoir. Reading across a range of genres contributes to her love of life long learning. Studies at university broadened her horizons and love of the world of literature. She also enjoys photography and dabbles in art and other crafty hobbies, such as sewing. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her patio.

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