9 reasons I decided to use Bullet Journalling

Over the last few days I’ve had a good deal of fun pulling together a Bullet Journal.

What is Bullet Journalling you ask?

It’s a great way to pull together all journals used on a regular basis. On the internet there’s a plethora of ideas about content. In stationery stores and departments there’s commercial versions with a focus on whatever you want – except I found that the designated content didn’t quite tick my boxes. That’s not to diminish the value of commercially available journals, however a Bullet Journal is meant to bring together what I do. 

I have notebooks for my writing, web pages and apps and programs for tracking what I need to do, a traditional diary and planner, notes and goals on pieces of paper and so on. Nothing has ever quite come together in the same since I gave away teaching and the fantastic planners available for the classroom. Like many journals, though, that was tailored to a niche market.

I recognise my need to bring my unique range of activities together, in one place. So I tailored mine to include –

  • My Vision Board
  • Goals, Planners and To Do Lists for –
    1.  Events
    2.  Key Interests
      •    Writing
      •    Social Media
      •    Sewing and Craft
    3. Family
    4. Health
    5. Finance
    6. Travel
    7. Books I’ve Read / Reviews.
    8. Birthdays / Anniversaries
    9. Special Events (Christmas)

Each Section includes

  •  a page for Goals
  •  a double-page spread Planner for the month and
  • a page a day for Daily To Do Lists
My Bullet Journal
My Bullet Journal


The fun part was being creative with colour, fabric, stickers and pictures! A bit like scrapbooking, it adds my own personal touch to each page and defines the sections. I raided my sewing room for ribbon, my collection of papers and my boxes of stickers left over from school teaching days!

Fun with bits and pieces added to the pages
Fun with bits and pieces added to the pages

I’m sure my initial effort will be refined as I learn more about the advantages of being organized in one place.

There’s a lot of buzz around Bullet Journals at the moment with any number of approaches delineated in videos and Google images.

I give credit to Amanda Kendle for kick starting what I can see becoming an obsession! Recently Amanda introduced her Mastermind Class to Bullet Journalling and I quickly saw the advantages and fun level in this method of planning my life. Here’s hoping I am more organized and productive!

Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Range, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child and is a life-long passion. Susan is also passionate about reading and attributes much of her learning to the wonderful world of literature. She enjoys photography and art and loves to write the occasional poem. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her backyard.

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