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Social media is dead …

…  said no one ever!

When I first began blogging I thought it would be a challenge.

It is!

Today there’s for and against this ‘old form’ of being on social media! According to some, blogging is ‘dead’! Woo! I hear you say! It is NOT!

Yet there’s much more than blogging when establishing a presence on the web today.

I’ve been busy learning more about some of my favourite platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in a Mastermind class.

We meet three times a term and the amazing Amanda Kendle takes us through the ins and outs of the various social media platforms. Whatever we ask for, Amanda shows us!

It’s pretty amazing really.

A lovely piece of art
Social media is a rich palette to choose from. This lovely piece of art hangs in my daughter’s home.

 Social Media Pluses

 I’ve learnt so much more about Facebook. For example, how to increase viewer engagement by posting regularly, that is, once a day. It actually works! Of course, a picture really helps.

Which leads me onto an unseen advantage of social media. I enjoy photography, so having somewhere to post my own pictures is awesome.

While I’ll forever simply take photos for fun – of family, of flowers, of – well whatever I fancy – I know I can share my own images. Who knows, one day I may find my own photos on one of those freebies sites!

Fungi! Photography is fun!
Fungi! Photography is fun!

I’ve found that Pinterest is fun!

Because I’m a visual thinker, Pinterest really appeals to me. Okay, I’m still getting the hang of making my own images the right size to grab traffic to my website. I know Canva is fantabulous site for image resizing. I’ve had a go, and I’m still learning.

I love exploring tips and tricks about my areas of interest and sharing them with others. It’s simply fun. Some of my boards are about –

  • Writing
  • Social Media and Blogging
  • Book Nooks
  • Sewing (all sorts)
Chocolate tastes better with variety
Choosing a social media platform according to its purpose could be likened to choosing a chocolate according to its flavour! Some are better than others and more suited to personal preferences.


Another ‘picture-perfect’ platform! Once again, I enjoy sharing my pictures. This time, the images are more easily uploaded – less fiddling around is needed. And a quick video – up to a minute – can be added. I love this option and hope to find a reason to use it soon!

That’s just three out of the many platforms available. One thing I do know, it is not possible to spend enough time on every one of the many platforms and be truly effective. The catch cry – to be effective you need to be selective, is true.

PS I’ve only skimmed the surface of the topic here. Say hello to me on

Facebook      Instagram     Pinterest    Twitter

Dunino Church, Fife
Dunino Church, Fife
St Lawrence Church, England
St Lawrence Church, England





Susan is a writer based in Perth's Darling Range, Western Australia. Her love for writing began as a child and is a life-long passion. Susan is also passionate about reading and attributes much of her learning to the wonderful world of literature. She enjoys photography and art and loves to write the occasional poem. She is often found indulging in a good cup of coffee and gazing over the hills from her backyard.

6 comments On Social media is dead …

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    Hi Susan – see – you’re very different to me! I’m not one to carry a camera around (unless it’s junior sport pics on Saturday mornings) and I’m not such a visual thinker. My phone has no internet connection, so I couldn’t ‘insta’ post stuff anyway if I took a pic on my phone. So the idea for me of being on insta or pinterest is just not there. Facebook on the other hand I love, and I enjoy Twitter and my blog from time to time.

    • Susan Dunn

      Hi Lily, I love hearing your point of view! Everyone is different! It took me a long time to get a handle on social media outside of Facebook, and, like my post says, I’m still learning! It’s definitely not for everyone!

  • Avatar

    Lovely to read your post about social media, Susan. We are lucky to have Amanda Kendle and share the same group. Your photos are spectacular, too

  • Avatar

    Lovely Susan. Well done. Its fabulous to get to grips with all the different ways of getting our blogs out there.

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